English Demos

“Your children are not your children…”  excerpt from “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran,


Prayer” by Anthony de Mello


Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou


Excerpt from “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault


“How do I Love thee? Let me count the ways”  Sonnet 43 –  from  “Sonnets from the Portuguese” by prominent Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.


This is SOPA”, a video recap of a very successful international production powerhouse.

MEGASONEX is a revolutionary new development in dental care, and Albert Canil is the brand’s voice internationally, both in English and in Spanish.


This is the opening sequence of the video produced by Oxean Group used to convene participants for the 24th World Gas Conference.


 “Three Special Letters” corporate video that highlights the emotional relationship between Argentina’s leading energy company, YPF (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales) and its clients.




Albert Canil edited the English version of the text and then did the voice-over for “The Da Vinci Files” which won the most important local accolade, the Martin Fierro, crowning it as best documentary 2005


A brief recap of “MATba”, Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires, the leading agricultural futures and options Exchange in Latin America, dating all the way back to 1907.


Clip from an episode of the “Celebrity Vineyards” series, which shows the story behind vineyards owned by Spanish Celebrities


The Lost Interviews – Pilot Episode – Albert Canil interviews “Che Guevara” in the heart of the Bolivian jungle.



Better Missions – A blog dedicated to provide a vast array of knowledge and resources to those doing missionary work around the world.


Yoga for Golfers –  How Yoga can help golfers improve their game











Optica Scerbo, English language commercial broadcast in Mendoza, Argentina

Radium, the leading radio in the San Rafael area, Argentina


Bardahl  “Crash Dummy”

CIty Hunters – Presentation of  “CIty Hunters” the FOX series based on designs by Milo Manara, starring Albert Canil as the mysterious master seducer Dr Lynch.


Don Carlos Primera Calidad Red Wine Commercial

Dharma Productions presents Albert Canil as Alfred the butler in “The Playmate Guide to the Universe ”
This excerpt contains no nudity or inappropriate language

Quilmes Red Lager


Leda Films and HBO’s “Nazi Gold in Argentina“, directed by Rolo Pereyra. I was responsible for the English script of the whole documentary and of performing the voice-over.

The Penultimate truth about Philip K. Dick

“Full Confidence”

A short built around a series of video clips to present Marketing Ideas